Frequently Asked Questions

- Where do patients stay?

Patients can stay in any hotel, guest room or apartment they like in and around Hannover. They lodge according to their life style. Most patients arrive with family members, sometimes even with little children and are quite happy not to be confined in a clinical environment. Check out the accommodation options we have put together, or these online booking service where you want to stay.

- How close is lodging to the clinic?

The Avalon Hotel is at walking distance to our clinic with about 350 m, Novotel 4* Hotel about 500m and Pelikan residence about 4 tram stations and 250 m (15-30 min walk). You can see for yourself using a map service.

- What does lodging cost?

Lodging starts at 55€/night including breakfast at our accommodation recommendations, but you can look for options yourself using an online booking service.

- What about meals?

We are an outpatient clinic and as such do not provide meals. Patients cook and prepare food for their diets (Budwig, Gerson, vegan food) in their apartments (Avalon Hotel and Pelikan Residence have cooking facilities in their apartment rooms).

Most patients take the breakfast at the hotel (taking care at what to eat and what not) Oats, honey and hot water is always provided.

We provide advice & consultation on diets and nutrition therapies like the Gerson diet but no food itself. Patients do have the possibility to book a juicer for their time being in our clinic.

- What about organic food?

We have an organic grocery store just across the road and an organic restaurant about 300 m from the clinic. Patients easily find their way around, see for yourself.

- What about workouts?

You can do workouts in a nearby gym, but rather than doing that, we recommend to go for a walk in the Eilenriede Park. We understand perfectly that your stay in Hannover should be as pleasant as possible, but please bear in mind, your body is already doing a lot. Less is more in the case of patients.