Frequently Asked Questions

- What are possible therapy combinations?

Using a holistic approach to cancer, lyme disease and other chronicle disease, we combine regulation therapies with regeneration therapies and integrative cancer therapies. For us, the combination of these different therapies makes the difference, not one single therapy.

- When is hyperthermia most effective?

This is a very individual question. Some patients come here right after their first diagnosis. Others have followed standard therapy proposals and again others didn’t do anything at all.

The results of our therapies depend on so many things, that’s why we individualize and combine freely different therapy options like infusions therapies (a regeneration therapy) with oral medications and the Gerson therapy (regulation and regeneration therapies) and active cancer therapies like hyperthermia, galvano therapy or even low dose chemotherapies or biological chemotherapies (all are integrative cancer therapies). By doing so, we can also intensify or loosen the frequency of the therapies and can adopt to your individual schedules.

- How long is the home program, and is that included in the cost?

Depending on the severity of the disease patients have, it can last several months or even years. Regeneration programs at home are billed according to costs. Some patients prefer to receive medication from their home country; we then go only over their medication list.

Medication and food supplements are provided at extra cost.

- What per cent of patients must return for more treatment, and at what intervals?

This is a very individual question. Some patients can afford to stay in Germany as long as it takes. With these patients we switch from block therapies (5 days a week treatment) to continuance therapies (1 or 2 days a week treatment or more) others come 1 week, stay at home for 14 days then come back 1 week and so forth.

A little story about one of our patients : Barbara, she is a radiation doctor in Croatia, and now comes for a little more than a year to our clinic and has made a tremendous recovery. She receives block therapies every 3 months at the beginning 6 weeks in a row, the last time she stayed only 2 weeks. Back home, she follows the Gerson diet and the entire family has become vegan, stays on food supplements and special orthomolecular medication and does a lot of self empowerment technics on her own.

- Is the cost the same as the first time?

Costs would be the approximately the same. Medication or external consultations are always extra. Mostly patients reduce their medication take-in over time if they follow a diet, like the Gerson diet.

Do you charge extra if they bring a companion, relative & friend?

No extra costs. If an accompanying person wants to undertake regulation & regeneration therapy, then they are going to be charged according to the therapies they are undertaking. Simply ask for our special accompany offers once at the clinic.