Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor disease, and starts from the glandular tissue of the prostate gland. For years, the rate of prostate cancer is steadily increasing. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men: currently about 47 new men per 100,000 men per year develop prostate cancer. Especially men over 50 years are affected. Now every second man over the age of 70 has prostate cancer.


The disease is has no symptoms in the early stages. In the advanced stage, symptoms may occur such as bladder draining problems, bone pain and later weight loss and anemia. Often now the patient complains about increasing back pain or symptoms similar to those of prostatic hyperplasia.

When the first diagnose is made, and symptoms have already occurred, a metastasis has often occurred primarily in the local lymph nodes, or in the skeletal (bone metastases). Usually, the doctor tracks prostate cancer by rectal examination as irregular, almost rock hard knots can be felt. The blood test and a biopsy are used to confirm the diagnosis.

A treatment with the chance of cure is possible if the degenerate tissues has not yet exceeded the boundaries of the organ and if there are no metastases. Since complaints usually only occur when the disease is advanced, a regular screening examination for men over 50 years (from the age of 45 for men with a positive family history) is offered in Germany to diagnose  cancer at an early as possible and more curable stage.

Recommended therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer:

Whole body hyperthermia

The healing effect of whole-body hyperthermia for patients with prostate cancer is that we can very quickly bring the organism to high temperatures (up 40.5 °). This fast and high heating activates not only the immune system, but many degenerate cells of prostate cancer are destroyed by the fast floods of heat. In addition to the damage or removal of the cancer cells, the whole-body hyperthermia activates the immune system significantly and does not burden the body. It triggers an immune cascade that multiplies and activates the white blood cells.

Loco regional hyperthermia

Also the exclusively regional effective hyperthermia is recommended for prostate cancer, during this treatment the affected region is quickly heated to high temperatures (40 up to 44 ° C). This heating activates the immune system. Also, many degenerated cells of prostate cancer will be harmed or destroyed. In our day clinic at the Hyperthermia Center Hannover we offer this partial body hyperthermia depending on the diagnosis. Only damaged or degenerated tissue is overheated, which guarantees very gentle treatment to our patients.

Ozone Therapy

According to our experiences in the Hyperthermia Center Hannover, our patients with cancer of the prostate gland react especially well to the ozone therapy. Ozone is a three oxygen atoms its germ-killing and disinfecting effect, along with a short-term increase in blood circulation, has been proven scientifically. The ozone treatment in the biological therapy of cancer utilizes the acute oxygen problem of prostate cancer cells. Blood is taken from the patients vein. The blood is made incoagulable (unclottable). And mixed with an ozone-oxygen mixture, this enriched blood is then injected intravenously into the patients again.

Transurethral Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

At the Hyperthermia Center Hannover, we recommend transurethral photodynamic laser therapy (PDT) to patients with prostate cancer, in which specifically diseased cells are destroyed by light. In the method, a light-activatable substance (a so-called photosensitizer) is injected. This triggers a chemical reaction in combination with light of a specific wavelength in the diseased cells, which leads to cell death. The surrounding healthy tissue is spared.


For patients with prostate cancer the healing effect of the oncolytic virus therapy consists that with the help of viruses cancer cells will be destroyed. The virus therapy consists of several injections according a detailed therapeutic schedule.  Dr. Mohamed Ali Zayen from the Hyperthermia Center Hannover has been certified at RIGVIR™ by the International Virus therapy Center and will perform this therapy. It is provided to our patients according to an individual treatment plan.