Frequently Asked Questions

- What types of cancer do you treat?

Here you find the types of cancer we treat. But we don’t only treat cancer, we also treat multiple sclerosis, lyme disease and other chronic diseases.

- Do you treat children?

We only treat children at special request and at certain times. Children do need a lot of extra care and time. Please provide us with as much information as possible in order for us to make a qualified quote.

- Is there usually a waiting list to get in?

We don’t operate with waiting lists. We now have seven (7)  hyperthermia machines in our clinic and are among the hyperthermia clinic with the most hyperthermia appliances. See the latest news in hyperthermia technology, the EHY3010.

- How long do patients stay?

Most patients start with an initial block therapy lasting 3/4 weeks, ideally it would be 6 weeks, but this greatly depend on your own agenda.

Back home patients follow a special regeneration therapy (Infusions, oral medication, gerson diet) before coming back for another block therapy of 2 to 6 weeks. Learn more about our therapy plans.